• Invention, innovation, investigations and solutions.

  • Robotics Mobility with Dynamic WPT

  • Feasible, low cost, static and dynamic electric vehicle charging.

  • Lesla Wide Area Matrix WPT

  • In cooperation with the OWPTS, evaluating questions about health and Wireless Power Transfer.

With Wireless Power Transfer at the forefront, Lesla is moving toward a cable free energy future.

In Partnership

  • Wireless Energy Transfer is not as difficult as it first appears yet infinitely more difficult than it looks.  Leslie R. Adrian
  • The greatest hindrance to pure resonance is the chaos of a reactive circuit. Leslie R. Adrian
  • The magic of wireless energy transfer is not in the distance it travels, nor the efficiency of the system but in the absence of cables. Leslie R. Adrian
  • In theory, many things are possible, in practice, not so much! Leslie R. Adrian