The Team

Leslie Adrian
Founder:- Research & Development
Aivars Rubenis
Business Strategy
Donato Repole
RTU PhD and Consultant Engineer to Lesla Limited
Dr Sc.Eng, Senior research advisor and lecturer at Riga Technical University. Likes to think outside of the box, ideas guy. Technology Consultant spanning 20 plus years. Collector of Electronics Antiquities and retro robotics. Author of several inventions.
Founder of several several start-ups including Applied Electronics Labs with the development of a new battery formation system which shortened battery formation time by half.
Consultant to the Government of Latvia, author of the Latvia E-mobility Plan, Representative of Latvia in the IEA and the IA-HEV.
Expert in Power Electronics Systems for Automotive Applications. An active researcher on Neuro-Fuzzy Logic applications, WBG Power Electronics Technology and Wireless Power Transmission.